Is your iPhone 6+ battery draining too rapidly?

Is your iPhone 6+ battery draining too rapidly?

Mine is, and it could be due to the known battery issue with iPhone 6+ phones.

What happens to me and others is that it can quickly go from something like 40% charged to 33% charged in a matter of seconds. This has happened to me several times, and I have just dealt with it because I didn’t want to go to an Apple store.

However it has now become so bad that I don’t think I have a choice. Fortunately in NYC there are many apple stores, so that helps. On the other hand, what would help even more is a standard battery that you could go to any phone store and have them fix it. That would be even more customer friendly.

Is your iPhone 6+ battery draining too rapidly?Apple says in the webpage above that if you have a battery issue and it isn’t covered a replacement is $79. It sounds cheap compared to a new iPhone, but considering the price of other phones batteries is very expensive. I understand it is a limited item, but the price doesn’t make sense.

My iPhone has other issues besides the battery. It has developed a problem with recognizing me touching it. Apple has said this happens when people drop their iPhones but I am very careful with mine. It has not been dropped. So even if I replace the battery I still have a halfway broken iPhone.

I am not motivated to buy the iPhone 7. I will never buy one. The absence of the headphone out audio port was stupid and user hostile. Too many people don’t have the option to go bluetooth. Like everyone who drives an older car that has audio port, but doesn’t have bluetooth. Where is the solution there Apple? You are going to ask a customer who had a working audio to drop money on a third-party stereo to be compatible with their iPhone. It is not going to happen. People will just buy other brands.

I have personally talked dozens of people out of buying an iPhone 7. I don’t think its a good value. So what will I do when this iPhone breaks? I will buy something else. I am done with iPhone and its terrible value proposition.

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