Stories from My Past: What are the steps to do X?

Stories from My Past: What are the steps to do X?

I have had many interviews in my life, and I am often surprised at the attitude interviewers take.

It is a natural inclination for interviews to ask about skills or experience. Completely understandable. What often is missing however is the questions about intention, determination, hard work and integrity. These make the difference in any job.

It is popular to say now that people hire based on attitude and train for skills. I haven’t seen this in the jobs I have interviewed for. Many companies try to hire based on skills, and then a secondary consideration is ability.

Stories from My Past: What are the steps to do X?I have had interviews where they hit the skills and experience and when I tried to bring up other qualities they said those weren’t important. You can be a genius, but if you don’t have those other values, your worth as an employee is low.

Time and time again, I have seen very smart IT people fail in jobs because they lacked the ability to be human. Rather than talk to people in a respectful way, they arrogantly made people feel dumb. It didn’t help them or anyone else. I learned that to respect the abilities of my audience I had to speak to what the average person would understand. So you learn that with experience and time.

One interview the person said what are the steps to do X? I said that Microsoft said there were 200 steps to do X and they were listed and just needed to be done. I didn’t get the job, but I was fully capable of doing it. I am not complaining but rather curious that when you have experience, intelligence and the desire to learn, what company wouldn’t want someone like that? Not every person can have years of experience with cutting edge technology.

Again don’t misunderstand. I don’t care I didn’t get that job. I care that employers can value many things in an employee, not just in skills and experience which is the result of those other qualities.

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