Stories from My Past: I am jealous of you

Going through pain and difficulty is hard, but ultimately there is a benefit.

I listened to a coworker once who had just lost his beloved pet. The dog died in his arms and he was stricken with grief. I could empathize since I had a rough pet death in the past too. One of my rescue dogs who had been abused before I got him bite me, and since I lived next to an elementary school where they played with the dogs through the fence, it wasn’t safe for him to stay there. I tried to call the other rescue but they had went out of business apparently. So I had no choice but to put the dog to sleep. It was rough knowing that I was the cause of his death, but the risk of having a child harmed left me with no choice.

So I said to my coworker “I am jealous of you.” and shared my short story. Being able to not have to choose that choice and having the pet die in your arms is difficult. The pet I had to put asleep died in my arms too and he looked so happy when it happened. I could not believe how quick it was. I asked the vet after she gave the shot if I could have some privacy and she agreed. It is hard to lose someone you love no matter what the circumstances.

So I listened to him and let him vent and share his feelings. He had a great attitude and shared all of the joy that his dog brought into his life for 10 years and it was remarkable what he shared. The reason I am sharing this with you now is that if that experience had not happened to me, I could not have been so sensitive to his suffering. We grow when we suffer with the outrageous slings and arrows in life as Billy would say.

Pain can kill our soul or enhance it. Choose wisely.

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