Apple seems to not accept valid passwords

For years I have noticed a strange thing about Apple and its Apple ID. I never spoke about it before because it would make me sound crazy, but I feel I have to speak up about this issue.

Apple seems to not accept valid passwordsI help people everyday with Apple ID issue. Since iPads and iPhones are popular in companies, it often happens that people forget their password. So I end up having to help them reset it, and then test to make sure it works. In the vast majority of the cases probably 99% a simple password reset and everything is alright. However in 1% of cases I’ve noticed that valid passwords don’t seem to be accepted.

Just to be clear, the process of resetting the password is successful. Apple accepts the suggested password and then the user or myself attempt to enter the password and are rejected. Now I know that end users might make a mistake, but I am very careful and don’t make a mistake. Dozens of times I have entered the correct password and Apple will not accept it. Could this be just me making a mistake? I don’t think so and here is why.

This has happened to many customers dozens and dozens throughout the years. Many customers use things like password managers that have the password already entered, or have reset the password and copied it into their password manager. In addition, some users have their passwords written down, or use the same password for other sites and have experience typing it correctly. I don’t believe that careful individuals will make that kind of common and repeated mistake.

The only reasonable conclusion I can draw from this behavior is that Apple must not be accepting valid password. I don’t know why this is, but it is the only thing I can come up with. It is impossible that everyone and the machine is making a mistake. I suspect that like hidden porn search terms apple scans for, it will force a password reset even with a valid password.

Stop doing this Apple, your customers hate it.