2016 Presidential election. We all won and lost.

The best way I can think of the 2016 Presidential election. We all won and lost.

This article is not me saying that I am sad someone won or lost. You accept reality and move on. It is rather to note what the election process brought out in everyone.

I was discussing this with a coworker and she said that the election was stressful and emotional for everyone. It can seem scary when your hopes and dreams might be represented by someone you don’t agree with. However the strength of the American way is that no matter what happens, democracy will survive.

2016 Presidential election. We all won and lost.Of more concern to me is the practical things now. Will promises be kept? What will happen when the promised big changes happen? What if they don’t happen? What about the pending legal disputes? What will be the future of US influence in the world?

I am not concerned that either one being elected will affect my job or lifestyle. I will survive no matter who is elected. Rather I am concerned about all the people who may not have the voice to speak for themselves. If I had to guess I think that many of the people who voted did so due to fear, and the fear of their economic future.

I didn’t like other presidents who were elected but we survived them as a country. I didn’t like certain people not getting elected, but we survived that too. It would have been awesome to add a woman president to the roster to gain the momentum in diversity and equality that our society slowly seems to be heading to. I can not judge any person who voted thinking they were doing what they believed is best. It is entirely possible that if Hillary had won, things might be worse.

I don’t know the future, but I am hopeful no matter what happens. One person even with the tremendous power of the presidency can only do so much. If you are disappointed with the results, now if your chance to volunteer and become involved.

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