Technology not working then working again

I often go to help people and when I ask if the problem is still happening, they try to recreate it and can’t. Technology often seems to choose when it works and doesn’t work.

Why am I writing about this? I think this demonstrates something that makes not technical people very frustrated. To the average person either something is broken or it is not. That makes sense in the old days. In the old days, cars were either broken or they worked. There was always some part that wasn’t working and once you found that, you solved the problem. Now the issues are very complex indeed.

Technology not working then working againI read an article about how many car manufactures have problems with their systems of navigation, phone, entertainment. Car companies have never been software developers, so they usually outsource this function to someone else. I learned this first hand when I had problems with my navigation. However instead of making things better, it just makes things more complicated.

Apple Carplay and Android Car functionality allows the interface of those devices to be displayed on the dash of the car. This is a major leap forward for car technology. However only a few models have them despite it been years since they agreed to this. It makes it very disappointing for technologists like myself, and for average users who are frustrated with the cars electronic systems.

Right now Tesla has the clear lead in technology in cars. The downside as I said in an earlier article is that Tesla is not reliable according to Consumer reports. I don’t want a car if its going to be a hassle to own. So for that reason I am not getting a Tesla. Also it’s not easy to charge since I don’t work near a charger.

If technology is reliable people will buy. This will kill Tesla if they don’t fix it before the release the 3. I hope they work out the bugs for everyone’s sake.

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