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Yes I know I wrote about them before, but I wanted to share an example of how using Thrive has saved money.

I bought some cereal that cost about $8 on Thrive. In Whole Foods it was over $10 for the exact same thing. I needed some moisturizer and I looked on Thrive and it was $6 for something organic, fair-trade, natural so on. The exact same thing was not available on Whole Foods website. What is more is that I tried to look for something comparable and it said “Check store for pricing”. That is not cool Whole Foods.

Whole Foods alternative Thrive MarketWhen companies don’t have clear pricing on their website I don’t support them. I don’t play the game of pricing. I want to know what the price is, and if you don’t tell them then I move on to another vendor. I have to say that after using Thrive Market, Whole Foods is looking rather shady.

Thrive will tell you the price and also the manufactures suggested price. Whole Food has no pricing information. It will probably not come as any surprise but the Whole foods price is the manufactures suggested retail price. This is looking more and more like the difference between direct to sales, and the traditional middleman model.

Middlemen are great when they add value. If they can bring things to the table in their experience then great I want their help. Too often middlemen are just an excuse to jack up the price with no benefit to the consumer. Whole Foods is looking less like a worthwhile company when pricing is not transparent.

I don’t care about a few dollars. This is not what this is about. This is about misleading consumers by not telling them the price of the goods. Whatever the price is, too low or too high for me that’s ok. Honestly most people who shop at Whole Foods are not price sensitive. So why play these games?

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