Stories from My Past: I understand and agree.

When you have an understanding with a customer, you hope that they honor those agreements. This is a time where that didn’t happen.

I was having a busy day and I got a call from a new business that they wanted me to help them. I explained that I had an appointment already scheduled and that I would be happy to start the job but that I would need to return after my other appointment to finish it. He said “I understand and agree.”

I started the job and then left and came back. When I came back I said that I was ready to finish and the person said that they called someone else to do the job. I said that is fine, but it is fair to pay me for the work I had done so far. He disagreed. So I just cut my losses and left.

Surprisingly they called back later and asked me to work on something else. I said that once I got paid for my last work I would be ready to help. They did not agree, so I didn’t go and help them.

It is fair to be paid for the work you do. If someone doesn’t want to pay you for the work you do, its very clear that you don’t owe them anything. I suppose I could have sued them in small claims court, but I don’t work that way. If someone doesn’t pay me then I just let it go. Eventually their actions will catch up with them.

It is really unfortunate when businesses don’t pay their works what is their due. It is so silly that this happens, and when it happens everyone loses. Don’t be an employer who doesn’t keep your agreements, and don’t promise things that you don’t intend to deliver.