Thrive Market it is a partial answer to Whole Foods

Being healthy and wanting to eat organic food can be tough in some areas of New York. So I tried the Thrive Market and it is a partial answer to Whole foods.

The downside is that it doesn’t have fruit, vegetables or meat. So that still requires another source. I also just tried Fresh Direct and my first order was a success. The price was fair and the products were in good shape and well packaged. It was worth the money. So using both of these online services seem like a convenient way to get food delivered.

I had tried all of my local stores but they just weren’t good enough. After shopping at Whole Foods you get used to certain things like the delicious taste of organic fruits and vegetables. In addition many stores have quality control issues, so you end up wasting money on food that is bad, goes bad very quickly, or just tastes bad. All in all, I felt like I wasted money on going to non organic places.

So Thrive Market and Fresh Direct seem to be a great way for people to get food and save money. I know that even though I would drive an hour to go to Fairway/Target or other stores, it just was a terrible experience. Not only was it boring to fight traffic, I didn’t like the fact that my food was not coldĀ during the travel. Now with Fresh Direct their refrigerated trucks mean that it only exposed in the short distance to my apartment from the street. That is healthier situation and worth even extra money.

Thrive Market has some very noble goals. For each membership of $60 they will give a membership away to a low-income family. That is really nice. This is a partial answer as a society to the food deserts that people have. I also like the fact that in two orders I will save the money from the membership. Costco was always too much food, and I had a tendency to overspend every time I went in. In addition I didn’t like the traffic and always needing to reroute to buy staples. Costco is a huge waste of time in my opinion. It is for people who are time rich and money poor.

I have gotten the Thrive Membership and still trying to decide on the Fresh Direct. Other competitors include Peapod, Amazon Direct. I am not an Amazon fan so I might try that once but it will have to be fantastic to use it. Peapod I don’t like the reviews I have read, but people are very picky online and some of the problems of online delivery are understandable. This is a new area and I think people and businesses need time to learn what works.

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