Buying clothes online is cheaper than a store

Buying clothes online is cheaper than a store

Have you noticed that often buying clothes online is cheaper than a store?

Buying clothes online is cheaper than a storeStores have cheap clothing but even cheaper lately have been websites. For example I was curious about ethical clothing so I looked at Patagonia. I liked that they care about fair trade and have a great return policy. So I found a sweater that I liked and ordered it. It was cheaper than sweaters that I have found in other stores and I loved that they had a color I liked. You can see the image of it to the right.

A sweater is something I keep for years. So I don’t mind paying the $69 it cost. What would be nice is if there were a function in the Mac OS like “shopping assistant” where you could put in a product and it would scour the Internet for pricing. That would really save customers money.

What I think this means is that like many other industries, the internet is going to destroy the middleman. We see this already with sports stores and other industries. Why pay extra when you can order them directly from the vendor? Apple stores really were the popular idea of simplifying the supply chain which had gotten overly complex.

I like the fact that stores and other middlemen curate and find things that you normally wouldn’t be exposed to. I think the stores that survive in the future are going to have personal shoppers and personalization at a level other places don’t. So what I think is that places like Wal-Mart/Costco will be targeted at self-service, and other stores will go personal shopper to add value to what they do.

I actually considered and contacted a company to be a personal shopper for me. I thought the prices were way out of line for what they offered. Yes they had some interesting ideas and certainly if I had more income I would do it. However having a personal shopper when you make less than lets say $60k just doesn’t make sense.

Would I employ a personal shopper in the future? Sure if I made more money or lost my sense of fashion. I am not a fashion expert, but people seem to like how I dress. So I think personal shoppers also appeal to people who don’t have their own ideas of what might be fun. Perhaps in the future if I lose interest in clothes. To me clothes are a fun way to express yourself.


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