Windows 10 is Microsoft’s sales platform

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s sales platform. It is also a disappointing OS.

If you have used Windows computers in the past you know that next to the date/time there is something called the “action center”. It normally says useful things that if you pay attention to it will help make your computer work its best and be safe. However this has now been turned into a sales opportunity for MS. It has given me a note saying important thing to look at, and when I look at it, it has sales copy like “try office 365”. If I wanted to try that, I would.

Windows 10 is Microsoft's sales platformAlso the live tiles advertising is annoying as well. Again if we wanted to use those products we would. There should be no advertising turned on a computer by default. I can’t think of an advertisement that Apple has that is an equivalent to Windows. I have not seen those kind of advertisements either on Linux, which if anyone needs financial support it does.

So then I am forced to wonder how the consumer benefits from all this. Microsoft can’t have it both ways. If they want dominance they have to innovate, but they can’t use windows to force people to buy their other products. Giving people a month to use Office is a disservice. It gets people into a situation where they create content that then is held hostage by Office. This is like inviting people to become hostages. What would be more effective is if Office 365 is free, and the basic functionality works. However if people want to do advanced things, then allow them to do an in app upgrade and gain that functionality. The truth is that 95% of people don’t need 95% of what office does. Office is oversold based on the capacities it has.

So Windows can do the same model. Give the free version but charge for things that business want like the pro and encryption. Make it one version like the Mac OS and make it simple on your customers. Come on MS this isn’t rocket science.

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