Need a cheap Windows 10 laptop?

I needed a cheap Windows 10 laptop to test things on. So I found this one and thought it might be interesting to you as well.

It is remarkable that you can get a brand name computer for as little as $124. Yes it is low on HD & Ram, but honestly most people use their computers more for entertainment than anything else.

It is surprising how often I find how little people use their computers at home. They use their computers extensively at work and their home computer is mostly ignored. Increasingly when I make small talk I find people using their iPad to do computer tasks. An article that said that the A10 processor used in the latest iPad is faster than most laptops. So I can see that people find processor speed more than adequate.

Ok I hear you saying. “Aren’t you the one always talking about quality?” Yes I do talk about quality often. However in this case, for the price having a full computer is to me, a no brainer. I am one of the growing number of people who keep everything online. My documents are in Box and Fastmail, and that’s enough for me. Not interested in office, or playing games. I play games on a PS4 and that is plenty for me. For me, a brand name computer this cheaply even with the reduced specs is just fine.

To put this in perspective I have been using a 7-year-old PC with Windows 7 on it when it failed. So rather than buy a new expensive computer, I thought this might work for me. I don’t do anything complex at work I just need something stable. Since this cost is what I might spend on some clothing, it seemed a reasonable choice. Even if it fails or is not adequate I have some good experience and I have plenty of friends to give it to who will want it.

To me, iPads are overpriced and when you see full laptops like this it confirms it. What a fantastic deal in giving people what they want.

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