Video games make you smart, Facebook makes you dumb

Video games make you smart, Facebook makes you dumb

Its true according to this study about Online gaming.

I always suspected this. It was partly because I had a friend who was addicted to Facebook and they just did silly things on it. I tried Facebook but deleted my account. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to do that.

For me, playing a video game is much more relaxing. It allows you to plan a strategy, learn a new skill, and be social if you want to with online games. Being able to take a break from daily life is refreshing and having a different point of view while playing the game is fun.

Now of course like any study this should be taken with a grain of salt. You often aren’t given the details you need to conclude anything from a study. In this case they used 12,000 people, but often you don’t know. There are many other important things to know how the study was done, and it is difficult if you are not an expert to determine if something is real or just politically motivated.

I often feature many studies on this website, because while truth isn’t capture by measurement, it is a starting point. I would rather start a decision based on numbers, than by guesses or feelings. Nothing wrong with intuition or feelings, but it is easily dismissed when you are trying to create policy from it.

Working in IT, I see that many people make decisions on all kinds of basis. I find it fascinating how people make decisions. I don’t think my decisions are better than others. In many ways I know the weakness of my own decisions. I tend to overuse facts and that makes it hard for those who don’t believe in science. As hard as it is for me to understand, some people would rather make decisions on purely subjective basis which seems like very dangerous territory for me.

Anyway, maybe it’s not true video games make you smart, but lots of computer people play video games so maybe its true! :)

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