Stories from My past: By the way the class is…

Stories from My past: By the way the class is…

You have to laugh when you get something to work and the person you are helping leaves out a crucial detail.

I was helping someone once and it took several hours to work out the solution. It turns out that I had to involve another company, so it probably cost a couple hundred dollars to come to a solution. After I made it work, I asked the person when they would be done with it so that I could remove that special access. I was told that “By the way the class isĀ in 3 months, and I might not take it at all.”

I had to tell my boss and laugh about it. It is interesting when people complain about IT not being responsive, and yet they don’t see things like this. Instead of helping her I could have been helping other people who had to wait. Of course the next time she has to wait she will understand we are helping other people I hope.

It is interesting that in IT like many businesses you are only as good as the last thing they remember about you. It doesn’t really reflect your skill as a technician or your worth to the company. Many times being helpful isn’t about what you do but how you do it. I learned that from many jobs in my past.

For example I had a job once where I found solutions and implemented them. Another coworker took the credit for my work, and he was promoted. Then the company had mass layoffs and I was let go and the other person got more money and job security. I am not mad about this. It was clearly not the right place for me. You find the right place and people eventually, and the ones who don’t appreciate you find what works best for them.

Don’t ask an IT person to work on something you don’t need and you help everyone.

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