Is Facebook cutting down on clickbait helpful?

Is Facebook cutting down on clickbait helpful?

On the surface this seems like a good decision, but is it really useful?

Why wouldn’t getting rid of misleading titles be helpful? I personally agree that clickbait is harmful. However when Facebook starts down the road of censorship where does it end?

Is Facebook cutting down on clickbait helpful?There are things that need to be censored that we all agree on. Things that are illegal like child porn, or other things like this have no need to be on a mainstream site. However this does cross a line that is hard to know where to stop. When they stop clickbait, then their attention will turn to something else. Perhaps ignorant racist or demeaning posting. Of course those are not helpful, but it quickly becomes someones religious values.

Many religions for example don’t approve of gay rights. I am not here to debate if gay rights is good or bad. I am just saying that at what point do you get into a really tough decision whose┬árights are more important than others? Religious people say that gay lifestyle is a sin and gay people say it is a natural thing. I don’t think that any outlet should legislate who gets their support.

This is not to say I don’t have an opinion. I do have an opinion. However I would never assume that my opinion should be everyone’s opinion, and when places like Facebook start to do this they cross the line. Instead of being an objective organization, they become like a cult/religion/belief system/philosophy that simply wants to further its own goals.

What I see in life is that people are always trying to convince others of their beliefs. I used to be this way. I thought that I could help people see the error of their ways because of the way I was raised. I did not realize that too many beliefs I should have questioned more. I learned in time to let those beliefs go, and instead of seeing things as right or wrong see them in terms of what is helpful and unhelpful.

Is it helpful that Facebook is starting to censor? No. As I have said before, good intentions can have disastrous consequences. Rather than make the choices for people they should give people tools to make the choices themselves. Perhaps a rating based on some objective standard that all Facebook members agree to.

Is something useful just because its popular?

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