Stories from My Past: Laundry is one of the two greatest inventions

It is amazing what people will share if you listen to them.

I was making small talk with the owner of a laundromat/dry cleaner. He shared that besides electricity, washing machines were one of mankind two greatest inventions.

He is a walking encyclopedia of soaps, and washing machine technology. He really was limitless with his knowledge and answered every question I asked him. I learned many things from him.

Why am I sharing this? I have said before that listening is a fun, relaxing and very rewarding hobby. More importantly what you learn often has benefits. Sometimes they are immediate, and sometimes they are long-term.

Stories from My Past: Laundry is one of the two greatest inventionsFor example, by listening to him I learned how to get rid of a stain that I had in my shirt, and was fixed even though I had tried other ways to fix it. I also learned that he is a noble person in how he chooses to run his business. Everyone is an individual and it is nice when you can get to know people as they allow you.

One of the other things that was interesting about this conversation is the idea he had that washing machines was one of the best inventions. While they are cool, to me light seems to be the greatest invention. Being able to expand your day and ability to be productive had to be a major breakthrough when it occurred. I can’t even imagine living without light.

You know what would be really neat? You know the replicators on Star Trek that dispense whatever you want? If you could put a dirty shirt in them and then it materializes clean that would be amazing. Even better if you could get the transporter tied in, so that it would beam the dirty clothes in your hamper to the replicator to clean, and then into your drawers, shelves or hangers.

Well that day will probably never come, but its fun to think about isn’t it?

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