Microsoft Edge browser less safe

If you have Windows 10 and using Microsoft Edge, you are less safe than using another browser.

It doesn’t have to do with the technical capacity of the browser. It comes down to a simple choice by Microsoft. Most browsers allow you to see the address of the webpage you are at by default, but Edge often hides the location of the page you are on so you really have no idea.

Why does the page you are on matter? Hackers are using fake links in emails and other ways to direct people to webpages that look like real pages. Lets say you get an email claiming to be from your bank. You click on the email, and it takes you to a page that appears to be from your bank. You put in your username and password and log in. Everything looks normal. What is the problem here?

The problem here is that the webpage you went to was fake. It was designed to look like the real webpage. It gathered your personal username and password and now they can log into your bank and steal your money. On other browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox it would have shown you the address of the page and you might have noticed it wasn’t the address of your bank. When Edge hides the address when you are using it, you have no idea if you are on a real or hacker webpage.

For this reason alone I would avoid using Microsoft Edge. Practically speaking, most people probably won’t be able to do what they need to do with it. It doesn’t allow additional program functionality, so it will break many webpages that depend on third-party functionality. It is disappointing that Microsoft has taken this approach. Why couldn’t Microsoft take a more moderate approach?

If you use Edge make sure you can see whatever webpage you are on. If you don’t, keep an eye on the location of the webpage it says you are on. It will save you from making a mistake and making a hackers job easy.

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