Apple asking permission to be helpful

Apple has asked me several times permission if it can be more helpful. I like that approach.

Today for example I was using the Maps application for a location in NYC. Normally I use Google maps, but I like to try out the competition in case it improves. After I mapped the location, about a half hour later I got a Mac OS dialog box. It said something like “Apple Maps has updated information. Do you want to download information for the NY area?” It had a yes or┬áno. I hit yes and it immediately went away and downloaded.

So that is a very nice feature. It sees where you are searching and apparently brings you all of the information it can to help you. Of course using a webpage or application should mean you get the most current information, but having it check for new information is a nice touch. Accidents are common in the NYC or any metro area, so having a constant update is helpful.

Apple asking permission to be helpfulA few weeks ago when I was using my iPhone I would check it in the morning for emails before I went to work. My phone started to tell me how long traffic would take to my destination. I didn’t ask it to tell me, but it knew based on the location data that I would probably be taking that route today. It was correct of course. I was surprised but thought it was a nice touch to automate things that people might manually do like check the time to their destination.

Apple showed in its preview of its next version of system software called the macOS that they would use more Artificial intelligence. I like this. It has been a long time overdue for companies to use more AI features. I understand the concern that many people have about AI. I am not an expert, but there is a balance I think.

Having a nice surprise like these from Apple that shows you that Apple is trying to make your life easier is a nice touch. It is an elegant way that shows the value of technology to the average person, and fun for the IT professional as well. Good job Apple keep up the good work.

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