Stories from my Past: You can’t turn down luxury

You can’t turn down luxury in certain situations.

You know those small screens that allow people to watch movies when they are in a vehicle? My coworker wanted to buy a car that did not have that system.

The problem is that all the cars that dealer had, included that option. The dealer could not find that car without that option.
Ford hard at work confusing the driver

My coworker said he didn’t want to buy the car if it had that option. As a compromise the dealer didn’t charge him for that $5,000 option and he sold the car.

I experienced the same thing. The only time I bought a car new I wanted a navigation system. However when I bought that, it came with lots of other options that I didn’t want or need. I was told that it was difficult to get a car with just one option. Well I didn’t need those things that while they are fun, really cause you to be a worse driver.

Studies show that the more that you are unfocused the higher likelihood of accident. What I have seen is that as cars get more complicated with electronics people get more distracted. Isn’t it interesting that we have arguably safer vehicles now yet driver error still continues to be the main cause of accidents?

Don’t get me wrong, I like cars that have the latest technology, construction and safety. There seems to be a point that most people will get overwhelmed with what is happening inside the car, that they forget the outside of the car.

There is nothing wrong with luxury as long as it doesn’t compromise safety.

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