Laptop battery life is getting better

Laptop battery life is getting better

I have had laptops off and on for about 16 years. It has been really fun to be able to move around and keep things mobile. Since I got my first laptop I never have purchased a desktop. Mobility is more important to me than speed.

The first laptop had a battery that lasted 2 1/2 hours. I thought it was amazing. I didn’t mind at all because mostly I sit in one spot and plugged it in. The laptop I have now lasts about six hours with battery life. I play flash heavy games or I’m sure it would last longer. I have read that some laptops have a 14 hour battery life. That is just incredible.

It seems clear that many things are behind the longer battery life. Battery technology is clearly evolving, but just as importantly the devices themselves are getting far more efficient. With the mobile device motherboards that are happening, we are seeing very thin and very long battery life on a wide range of devices. This is very exciting. Now people will not be so tied to power adapters, and hopefully it will be the first step toward wireless charging.

It will probably take another few generations before we see wireless charging in all devices. Right now the technology uses large and proprietary charging pads. If Tesla did with that technology that it did with superchargers then the transition would happen faster. Someone needs to standardize wireless charging so that it is free for all manufactures. Incompatible standards always slow down technology.

When will this happen? Probably not needing power adapters is in the next 5 years. Maybe sooner if Tesla gets involved. It seems that if people could charge their car without a charging station I bet their sales would explode. Here is hoping they have someone working in a back room on this. *crosses fingers*

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