Working with PDF even if you have Adobe Professional

Working with PDF for most people is not an easy process. Since most people use Adobe Professional, they get confused and can’t remember how to do the most common functions in that program. In addition Adobe pricing is expensive, so typically only a few people in an organization have Adobe Professional. This means that for the most part, people need free third-party tools to do their jobs since Adobe Professional seems to be more program than people want to learn.

To export a PDF into Word

Working with PDF even if you have Adobe ProfessionalUse UniPDF. This does a better job converting a PDF into proper Word formatting that Adobe Professional does. It works especially well with random PDF that you might get from others, or PDF in which the original word document has been lost. It is easy to use and free.

To create a PDF from a program that doesn’t support it.

I have had the most experience with CutePDF Writer. It seems to work better than the Adobe PDF writer for the average person.

General PDF creation and editing.

So if you are hardcore into PDF editing and need something that would replace the most common uses of Adobe Professional then Nitro PDF free is great. They have a paid version that is cheap compared to what Adobe Professional charges.

So interestingly, different programs are capable of producing more efficient PDF. You can save most word files directly to PDF in the “Save as” menu but that results in bloated PDF. Using CutePDF or AdobePDF creator creates smaller PDF. Why is this important? It is less important with small documents, but in a large document with hundreds or thousands of pages it can make a big difference. Since most people email PDF’s, using those above instead of the default Word Save as method might result in the ability to attach a file to someone with small email receive size.

It is kind of silly, but people have limits sometimes as small as 10 MB of file attachments they can receive. There are good reasons for this, but when sending a PDF which is very common, using the most efficient method means that you will have the best chance of your target receiving it. Even if you have a small document, if you send lots of them the size can add up quickly.

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