Drowning in passwords? Passpack can help

I have worked with many people who have problems remembering passwords. It is a problem for almost everyone. Different ways of dealing with this tend to have big security problems. For example, the stickies method on the monitor. Why have a password then? I have found something that is secure, free and has helped people I have helped-Passpack.

Why use Passpack? For several reasons.

  1. It is encrypted. You have to use two passwords to get into it. Once you do get into the webpage, you can change or update your passwords.
  2. It is on a webpage. This is safe from hackers however because it is encrypted on your computer. So hackers never get a chance to learn your passwords.
  3. It has a free tier of 100 sites, and a low-cost if you need more.

I and my clients have been using Passpack and it has solved the issue of where to put highly sensitive passwords. Even better the service allows you to export all of your passwords so that you can have a backup if you want. The best of both worlds right?

What else is nice about this service is that once you are logged in, you can simply click on a link to go directly to the site. It also functions as a bookmark manager! So people who use multiple computers can use this password/bookmark manager as a way to keep everything synchronized safely, even private work sites.

This is a really solution for people who use multiple browsers on multiple computers. They may have to use IE at work, but with Passpack it doesn’t matter what browser you use. It works great with Chrome, Firefox. I know because I and my clients have used it successfully with versions of all of these, even older versions. This is a really nice way to share information with a team as well. You can create an account for a team, and then that team has just the passwords they need. Great for small business who maybe can’t afford better services.

Passpack is a winner, and you will be amazed at how often you use it. I was surprised how often I have used it.

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