Use Gmail? You can be hacked for $129

If you use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail you can be hacked for $129. Is your privacy and life worth paying for an email service now?

I had mentioned I use Fastmail and I love it. It has been everything that I have hoped for. It is clear that the time for using free web-services is over.

I had a customer who got hacked, and another IT person in our organization tried to further secure their account. They got hacked again. I said the first and second time, that I would move from that email provider. If hackers are determined to get someone, you have to hide their account, not try to dig in and fortify a corrupt building.

What is amazing isn’t it, is that rich people are so thoughtless when it comes to their money. They want a professional to handle it, yet when they handle it, they let anyone have access to it. I have seen people who are worth millions and billions of dollars use free web accounts. When they have had problems with security like above, I suggest that they change, but they are resistant to the idea. “I would have to move all of my information and tell people I’m somewhere else.” they say. I respond with, if you have been broken into once, what is the risk to you of losing your private information to people who will take advantage of it?

People think that Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail are going to protect them. What a surprising way to think. Isn’t your responsibility to safeguard your finances first?

People who are rich are famous for being cheap, and studies show that they tend to be more economical than those who make less money. One multimillionaire I knew wore and kept clothes from the 70s. It was an interesting fashion choice. Why live in the past when you have opportunities with a wonderful present?


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