I have noticed that in the last 10 years the use of projectors is decreasing in business. I think there are many reasons for this.

  1. TV’s have become so cheap it is hard to justify the savings of a projector anymore. In addition because many people are using Skype or other video chatting applications, it becomes natural to want to have a higher definition image than projectors supply.
  2. Projectors need a surprising amount of maintenance. They get dusty, or dirty lens, or the white board they project onto needs to be cleaned. Very few companies have things like pull down screens, so normally someone has to clean a white board to see a surface. So for many people this a deal breaker that limits their use of projectors.
  3. TV’s integrate better with additional devices people want to connect to it. Now people want to connect more than just laptops, but iPad’s, iPhone’s and other things like Apple TV’s. So TV’s are setup better and normally have more inputs.
  4. Quality of image is better. The best projectors only work in a dark room but most companies haven’t invested in dedicated support equipment to have a dark room. Older designed board rooms still have projectors, but they are increasingly being replaced by large thin LED TV’s. Cisco MX 800 for example is a LCD screen and used for video conferencing. It just wouldn’t be as easy to see with a projector.
  5. The type of information people are sharing demands different quality. Now it is common for video or high definition photos in a PowerPoint or presentation. So projectors don’t always have adequate sound systems, but TV’s normally have much better sound.

I think the all in one nature of TV’s make it hard for projectors to survive. Unless projectors are professionally mounted and installed, they are more expensive, noisier and require more work. Most small and mid-sized companies like being able to handle things themselves. So the installation and management of TV’s is an easy win. I don’t see much of a future for a projector for static use. Now integrating it into a mobile device like a laptop/iphone/ipad would be amazing.