Life is magic

When you least expect it, life is magic.

Magic makes things appear without effort or any logical reason. Many times in my life things have happened that way. I know that chance sometimes is fortunate, but to have something perfectly happen at the right time in just the way you want seems more than just chance.

For example, I bought something at Bed Bath and Beyond but forgot my 20% coupon. I had accidentally thrown the last one I received away. As you probably know, they come irregularly, so you never know when the next one is coming. Well I had to buy something this week and with no coupon it cost more. So I put the receipt in my wallet in the morning and checked my mail on the way out. I just had a feeling the BBB coupon was there. I was right! It was there. So now I can go get a refund and use that money to buy food for next week.

The most magic has been in my personal relationships. I seem to have just the right person show up that helps me move my life to the next level. Both personally and professionally I have the good fortune to meet people I can learn from and who I can help as well. I think the best relationships are two-way, and so I always seek that kind of equality in every relationship. Sometimes the people I meet are better than me and can be examples, and sometimes I am the better person they can learn from. We have ways that we can mentor each other even when we don’t formally acknowledge it.

The most wonderful thing in life is that sometimes you become part of something larger than yourself, and only you can play that role. You are just what the company, project or effort needed. It really makes you feel that there is meaning in life and that we have a path that is uniquely ours. I don’t know of course any metaphysical realities, but sometimes you get a glimpse you are on the right road and certain experiences seem like signposts to me.

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