When is someone “good enough”?

When is someone “good enough”?

I often overhear single people at work or anywhere, talking about people they have in their life. They question themselves if they think they will be happy with that person for the rest of their life. I listen as they list the flaws and strengths of that person, thinking that they can make a logical decision about relationships. I think relationships are more of a leap of faith than a decision.

Of course you should consider facts and details when you are in a relationship with someone. However there is also a point where once you have a sense of who they are, you have to make a decision. Does that person seem like they want to have a sincere relationship and besides what you know of their character what does their spirit or what you can’t really sense tell you?

I think back to my own relationships and the people I have seen with friends, and you can never know enough about another person. All of our life we grow and learn about the one we choose to love. However at some point we realize that this person is someone who makes your life better, and so you want them to be around you as long as possible.

Realizing that I loved someone wasn’t something my intellect said to me. I realized it when it came to an emotional moment. When that emotion appeared then I realized that I had fallen in love. It was a surprising moment each time I realized I loved someone. Not because they weren’t worthy of being loved, but because my intellect wasn’t able to predict that I would love them.

Listen, we have plenty of reasons for people to reject us. It is easy for others to judge us by our appearance or anything that doesn’t really represent who we are. We have as many or more reasons for people to love us. However to love us, requires that they are open and give us a chance, and too often open people are hard to find. Perhaps your experience with open people is different from mine. Most people tend to want to harshly judge very quickly.

I think someone is good enough when they enhance your life. When they make you excited to see them, or you think about them. I don’t expect in finding a person who fulfills all of my wishes. It isn’t realistic. There are many people who are great people and you can love. To me, missing love is something I don’t do. I would rather give me 100% in whatever is present, than think that perhaps it might be better with a person who may not exist. I am not settling for love, I am living for love.

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