DC Online and Crossplay

I have mentioned before that I enjoy playing DC Online an MMO game. Recently they introduced a feature called Crossplay. The goal is that the former separate playing environments for the PS3, the PS4, and the PC are now able to play with each other. This is a good step, but disappointing in practice.

DC Online and CrossplaySo now that the other players can play in the same world, there are tons more people available to play. The downside is that you can’t port your character to those other platforms. I downloaded and installed the heavy 20GB game and when I realized I couldn’t play my PS4 character I deleted it.

For some like myself, their character represents years of work. It is not something that we want to do again. I know that many people have multiple characters but this is more dedication than I want. I only want to do it once. People grow attached to their characters, and for them to be limited to a system seems very short-sighted. The FAQ said there are business reasons for this decision as well as technical ones. I’m sure there are. However I don’t think that it is impossible to overcome this problem if they put their mind to it.

I don’t think it will be done however. The point of sharing this is that Daybreak is still a business, and they are trying to pump every dime out of the players they can. We have seen that games fail when they force DLC in place of regular good content. I think the membership is a fine option, and at $120 a year it is a fair deal. I don’t mind paying a small fee per month to play when there is new content every month. It does seem at times that the developers seem more focused on the damage players, rather than the support players like Controllers and Healers which I am.

I’m sure the Tanks/DSP’s would say that the game favors the C&H so perhaps it’s whatever side of the road you are on. This is my first MMO and I like that for the most part it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the constant re-balancing of powers. It seems every month that they make some characters stronger and some weaker. It is inherent in the powers that some have weaknesses against others. I think they are trying to make things fair, but at what cost? It doesn’t become realistic then.

It seems to me very unrealistic that minor characters such as Robin or Nightwing can stand head to head with people like Superman or Black Adam. In the game this is explained by the powers from the future, but it really destroys the history of the character and what we know of them. If I was a developer I would reset the powers to what they were historically and change it into another setting. Or better yet, I would let the users branch out what environment they wanted based on what universe they wanted. Perhaps this is in the future, but it should be possible and available now. Get to work developers. Your customers are getting bored with this setting.

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