StumbleUpon having problems

I read an article that stated that StumbleUpon was having problems. They lose staff, having technical issues with the service, and lots of other issues. I wonder if this is the beginning of the end for them?

As long-time readers have noticed I have often used StumbleUpon to learn many new things. I find it more interesting than randomly surfing Wikipedia. Wikipedia always seems to have a bias in the articles I read. It’s disappointing for something that is supposed to be neutral. It is also a question of readership. Why waste my time on something that most people don’t find helpful? I have noticed that my highest rated content are things I originally write. So give the people what they want right?

It seems to me that StumbleUpon’s issues are typical of many companies that don’t have a clear profit strategy. I always wondered how they paid they bills, even though they offer paid stumbling content. It wasn’t clear that people would see the value of an audience that had to spend time to find their message. I think as well that in my use of SU it has become clogged with tons of garbage. There is always garbage in life, but it makes it demotivating to use the system.

For example, I have probably viewed over 100,000 pages and liked about 4,000 of them. For me, I am starting to question if liking something 4% is a good use of my time. It is easy to use and I have found some great gems, but on the whole I don’t think SU is in my future. Perhaps others also feel the same. I have looked for a SU alternative but haven’t found a good option. If you have one, please email me in the About me and let me know and I’ll write a post about it.

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