Don’t depend on auto-saving in applications

Don’t depend on auto-saving in applications

It is unfortunate that too many people trust and believe in Microsoft ability to have usable features. Almost every week I get someone who said they lost a document and when I start asking questions they thought that Microsoft’s auto-saving would protect them. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for a variety of reasons in the business world or even in the personal one.

It is always surprising to me when people don’t save their work. If you grew up in the time of programs that could fail at a moments notice, you learned how shaky software is. Software is still pretty unreliable on both the Mac and Windows platforms. Too often programs use more memory than the computer has, and then of course it crashes. I see crashed programs all the time when I help people. Even when they have lots of ram, people don’t reboot their machines every week. They think that they can just use things and not restart them even though they have been instructed to restart.

It’s a cliché for computer people to say restart the machine, but it’s because we see that most issues are memory related. There isn’t a good way around this. In the past there were memory managers, and they were more trouble then they were worth. I tried many of them and none of them made things better. For me, I reboot my phone and computer once a week and I don’t seem to have memory issues. It doesn’t take long to turn them both off and on and I’d rather spend the time doing that then having to restart a program or be stressed if I have a deadline.

It is curious isn’t it? People take their cars to get a regular oil change and they don’t complain about that. They wash their clothes when they get dirty. Why is it so hard to reboot a computer and phone? Yes its boring, but what isn’t boring is not feeling stressed when you lose your work or have a deadline. To me, when people don’t take care of things by choice, then problems are expected. Everything requires maintenance.

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