Don’t buy a Mercedes if you have to drive in the snow

Don’t buy a Mercedes if you have to drive in the snow. I watched a Mercedes C230 driver get stuck in an onramp to the Interstate in light snow. So I researched this and it is a common problem for Mercedes cars. The car had no traction. It didn’t help that the driver was trying to turn the wheel too sharply either. Here is a video I found which is one of many of a Mercedes having problems in the snow.

Mercedes forums of fellow drivers suggested that snow tires and an additional 50 lbs weight made a big difference. I have to agree with this advice. I had a rear wheel drive car once and it had Blizzak snow tires and it handled great in the snow. I honestly forgot it was a rear wheel drive car because it handled so well. It was a pleasure to drive.

What was so frustrating when I was watching this is that I couldn’t do anything to help. The on-ramp was on an incline, so if he continued to lose traction there wasn’t anything I could do to save myself. He would have rammed into me which would have made my day less pleasant. There was barely enough room to go around him, which given his erratic driving didn’t seem like a good option. After a while of driving sideways he got up the interstate and barely managed to clear the snow pile to get in. He literally was driving 5mph when the rest of the traffic was going 30. It was a clear failure for Mercedes.

Which is something I am surprised with. If you know as a manufacture that your tires are so poor in the snow, why make them standard? It seem to me more than a little irresponsible to give people a car by default is dangerous in the snow. Yes of course it is the individual persons responsibility to drive safety, but not everyone has the intelligence and wisdom to consider safety. More importantly, it has been by mandating safety legislation that we have reduced the number of traffic accidents. Seat-belts, airbags, anti-lock brakes, a huge list of improvements that were required by law. Why not another law stating that if cars are sold in a region that gets snow, all season tires are required by law? Let people who want performance pay extra for performance tires.

It isn’t that I am trying to be a father to those people, it is that this guy could have caused other peoples deaths with his unsafe car. When your rights interfere with others safety, I think that’s where we draw the line. We did that with drinking in the car, with smoking in public, and using drugs when pregnant. Everyone has the right to a safe life.

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