iPhone 6 plus still needs Bluetooth turned off

An iPhone 6 plus still needs Bluetooth turned off. I have been fortunate to have iPhones from the original one to the iPhone 6 plus. Even though the iPhone 6 plus battery is huge and lasts for days with my usage, it only is that way when I turn Bluetooth off. When I have Bluetooth on, I get a day’s usage out of it. All previous iPhones have a similar big difference in battery life when Bluetooth is turned off.

Example of Wifi Mouse from Walmart for $15

The problem is that I have to use Bluetooth everyday since I watch training videos and my headphones are Bluetooth only. It is the latest Bluetooth standard which promised to be much more energy-efficient. Based on the energy use of Bluetooth devices, it’s probably best to avoid them.

For example, when I help people who work who have Bluetooth devices like mice, keyboards or headphones they are frequently needing batteries. It is lucky when someone doesn’t need a new battery every month. The cost and hassle of constantly changing batteries reduces the convenience factor of Bluetooth wireless devices. In fact once the novelty of being wireless runs out, many people request a wired mouse, keyboard, and headphones.

Bluetooth is a nice technology if it could be more energy-efficient. In addition its promise of plug and play is not what it seems. Plenty of people have problems pairing Bluetooth devices like speakers or headphones. Then the person who bought the Bluetooth device gets frustrated at their IT person since they need their help. It is especially problematic when two people want to share a Bluetooth device. That doesn’t work so well for many people who have had issues with it and come to me for advice.

So what can you do to have wireless? Use Wi-Fi. There are plenty of Wi-fi mice, keyboards, headphones and they work great. In addition you often don’t need to set them up because they will automatically join any Wi-Fi network that the laptop or computer is already a part of. It is really neat when you can plug-in the Wi-Fi usb adapter, Windows or the Mac recognizes it automatically and then it just works. That is great technology. The icing on the cake is that those kind of Wi-Fi connections tend to sip on power rather than guzzle it like a drunken Bluetooth sailor.

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