Elephants seek human help using second hand knowledge

Three elephants in Kenya recently fled to a wildlife rehab camp after being hit by poison arrows, suggesting they know at least some humans are trustworthy.

Source: Shot by poachers, elephants seek human help | MNN – Mother Nature Network

What is more remarkable about this is that one of the elephants had mated with another elephant who had stayed at the rehab camp. So it was second hand knowledge, since he had never been there. In addition, they escaped a dangerous situation and traveled across the country to find the place! If this doesn’t show intelligence, I don’t know what does.

Elephants continue to struggle to survive. It would be a great loss to lose them both as a species and as a life-form. While we don’t always understand the need for other forms of life than human, isn’t both our experience and life richer for it?

What brings us to choose what species lives and what species die? I can understand people not caring about saving species they don’t know or care about. How many species do we know about that are dying? According to WWF it seems about 10,000 species a year. Amazing isn’t it? With all the things we don’t know about life and how interrelated it is, we just let this continue.

We are really lucky as a species to survive aren’t we? We experiment with global warming, do all kinds of damaging things to the earth, and yet expect to survive. Why is that?

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