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Source: PDF to Word Converter – 100% Free

I had to convert a PDF to a Word document and so I tried many free PDF to word conversion websites. This was the best one by far. It was perfect. Just a few minor spacing issues which is easily resolved.

Even though I had Adobe PDF Professional, the website above exported data better than Adobe’s own program. It was amazing to see everything just like it should be. If you are having problems converting PDF to Word, this is the website you should be using.

It is amazing isn’t it how third-parties are often better than the original company? I have had to deal with 3rd party pdf companies because the Adobe pdf tools do a poor job at trying to do their job. Another example is that I tried to open a PDF and Adobe said it was damaged. When I used a third-party tool it worked great. Or when users accidentally delete their Adobe PDF item to print to. Adobe doesn’t have an easy way to consistently set one back up. So I started using CutePDF to recreate the Adobe PDF writer. Or when you have Adobe Professional installed and it crashes the browser because of its plugin. Either the browser/version of Adobe Professional is old due to business requirements. So you end up disabling the PDF extension, and using a browser that has built in PDF display like Chrome.

Too often companies like Adobe who are huge just don’t think of what the end-user experience is like. I understanding bundling supported configurations, but they should also build some intelligence in their software. They should allow the user to easily upgrade the browser PDF plugin if it crashes or has an error. It should have any easy way to recover from common user problems, and it should try to open a file even if it thinks the file is garbage. When software is too strict you look at alternatives to just get the job done. It’s silly that I have to know and use 3 third-party tools so that people can successfully edit PDFs.

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