Study suggests that washing dishes decreases stress

Mindfully washing dishes calms the mind and decreases stress, a new study shows. The study looked at whether washing dishes could be used as an informal contemplative practice that promotes a positive state of mindfulness — a meditative method of focusing attention on the emotions and thoughts of the present moment.

Source: Chore or stress reliever: Study suggests that washing dishes decreases stress — ScienceDaily

Isn’t this funny? Now people will start fighting to wash the dishes and relax. I wonder if this means that dishwashers are the most relaxed people?

What is interesting when you read studies is that you often see things in a different perspective. Many times we view things in life as drudgery or boring, when in fact they are beneficial. I do dishes everyday so I guess I must be pretty relaxed.

I have lived in more places that didn’t have a dishwasher, than did have a dishwasher. It is a habit to just wash dishes. It is really nice however especially with a really dirty dish to use a dishwasher. Another study said that dishwashers can be more environmental if they use less than 5 gallons of water per cycle. That study said that most people use more water than that when they manually wash dishes. I guess you could measure the amount of water you use, or use a tub that allows you to measure how much water you use. I used to use a tub in the sink since it allowed me to measure the water and I know I used more than 5 gallons.

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