Verizon customer service doesn’t have your best interests at heart

I called Verizon customer service to get more data on my iPhone since I was moving and needed more data. I spoke to a customer service person who suggested that instead of getting 1 GB of data for $10 it would be a better value to get 3 GB of data for $20. Great, even better. So I agree to that and a few days later I find myself needing more data.

Verizon customer service doesn't have your best interests at heartI look into my online webpage that shows how data is used and I explore the different plans that are available to me. Turns out there is a plan that has far more data and even cheaper. For almost twice the amount of data I pay $40 less than the plan I was on! That customer service person had to see and know about that plan but instead of telling me about it, suggested a more expensive option.

I understand it is the sales persons job to sell, but it is also customer service and I should have been told the option at the start. Now I have learned not to call customer service to change your plan but instead investigate all the plans available and then make your choice on the webpage. Companies often say how “customer focused” their customer service is, but it is clear it is just window dressing as a way to charge the average joe more money. Now I have to find a better option than Verizon. Any suggestions?

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