Adblocker on the iPhone works great

Have you tried using an Adblocker on the iPhone? I have used one for regular web browsing for a long time, but just installed one today. It works very well. I went to a number of sites that are known for its advertising like Yahoo and others and didn’t get a single ad. It was super easy to activate. I only had to go to the Safari option in Settings and turn on the Content Blockers.

Ads-By-BrowseSmartHopefully this functionality will be built into the next version of the iOS. It is kind of funny isn’t it? Apple is working both sides of the fence here. They are both selling ads on the iPhone and providing software to block them. Funny how that works isn’t it?

What is even more interesting is that Ads in general don’t seem to have a good future. With the content blocking on the computer and the mobile experience (iPhones and iPads) companies will have a harder time trying to get people to buy their products. It wouldn’t surprise me that there will be a model like Juno internet that offers free internet if you accept the ads that come with it. You get a free iPhone if you are willing to have ads all the time. That would not be worth it to me.

With technology we have seen the ads come into our homes and many consumers like me don’t like it. The world is pasted with billboards, and every other form of advertising. I don’t believe people want to be continually subjected to marketing they don’t have any interest in. Perhaps a virtual reality glasses that filters out ads is the next invention?

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