Man walks again after years of paralysis — ScienceDaily

The ability to walk has been restored following a spinal cord injury, using one’s own brain power, according to research. The preliminary proof-of-concept study shows that it is possible to use direct brain control to get a person’s legs to walk again.

Source: Man walks again after years of paralysis — ScienceDaily

This is wonderful. This gives hope to everyone with paralysis. Even better it shows that with research and time, human suffering can be reduced. How thrilled must that person be who did this. To be able to walk after years of immobility. Can you imagine? Science and technology is best when it gives hope and life to people.

What else is interesting about this is how much money and time were invested to make this happen. We take so many things for granted like the ability to walk or have a kitchen. I recently moved and I stayed with a friend for a while looking for a new place. The friend didn’t really have a kitchen so I really missed that. Now that I have a kitchen again I am so thrilled to be able to prepare food.

Walking is something that trans-humanists believe we won’t do in the future. They think that we will be like the movie Wall-E and float around on little platforms. Wouldn’t that be cute? So a trans-humanist might say that this research is wasted and we should just wait for the floating platforms to happen. What do you think?

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