Stories from my Past: That would be fantastic!

Many times people complain about what they don’t know and but mysteriously don’t have time to learn new skills. I worked in a company once where two people complained that they didn’t know something very well and since I was familiar with it, I offered to answer their questions and teach them. They both seemed excited and said that they would let me know tomorrow when we could start. One even said to me “That would be fantastic!”

It turns out that they never followed up on learning the programs. Even though their current way of doing things was causing them problems, for them, it was “good enough”. I find this curious. If you complain about not knowing something, and have the opportunity to learn something that could save you time and effort why not?

It is interesting isn’t it? One of the principles is to always “sharpen the saw”. You want your tool that you work with to be as sharp as possible so it is an easy and useful tool. Yet when it comes to thinking and learning, some people have decided that they are going to learn as little as possible to get by. No one said change is easy, but it seems to me that doing the same inefficient thing for years is an unnecessary way to suffer.

Well whatever. If someone wants to do things the hard way when they have been told there is an easier way, ultimately that is their choice. It is a curious choice though isn’t it?

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