Spam trying to appear from LinkedIn

Has anyone received this spam which says that if  you don’t respond your account could be closed? They want to capture your login username and password. I wonder if this is something that my contacts have sent me or just something you get from being on LinkedIn? Here is the body of the message. The email system I am on flagged it as possible spam as well.

Dear LinkedIn User,

This is an Important Message from LinkedIn informing you that your account has been flagged by us due
to different location system Alert.

Our system indicates your account has been logged on from different IP recently and We will like you
to kindly follow up on your update by following the Update Below to ensure account belongs to this email
address and to avoid future difficulty with LinkedIn services.

Failure to do so, LinkedIn will leave your Information Flagged on the system which will lead to taking
other actions that might lead to Account closure.

Thanks for using LinkedIn!
The LinkedIn Team

So there are several hints that this message is spam. One is that the URL is long and unusual. Most companies don’t have complicated URLS like this. The second is that I had never gotten a message like this before. Normally companies don’t change how they do business. Another is that the second paragraph is awkward and has strange case and syntax. This is not a native English speaker. Another is the threat of punishment if you don’t comply. Hackers often threaten because they are immature people who see the world in limited ways. Another is the poor typography of this message. Most business don’t use this kind of font which many people may not notice. I think they were going for a basic system font look, but that is unique and not something that many people will notice.

Finally if you get a message like this, don’t be afraid to call the company and ask if this is legitimate. Don’t just blindly put in your information in any website, no matter if it looks “correct” or not. It is simple to copy a website and make a false website appear real. I will be following up with LinkedIn about this to let them know this exists if they don’t know already. Stay safe!

Update: LinkedIn confirmed this was spam.

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