Stories from my Past: The kindness of 3 coworkers

I pack a lunch like many people do to save money at work. One day I went to eat the fruit and food I had prepared and unfortunately it had gone bad so I was still hungry. Fortunately there was a snack machine at work with natural treats so I went to get something. I put my card in but it gave me an error and said “Cannot contact server.” I spoke to the office manager and she was busy so I went back and unplugged the machine that she had done in the past and plugged it back in. It didn’t work.

One of my coworkers came in and noticed me trying to get the vending machine to work. It is always funny with computer people have problems with technology. She came over and asked if she could help and I explained that it was not accepting my card and that unplugging it didn’t work. She must have felt sorry for me because she left and came back and gave me some treats from her private stash. While I was leaving another coworker had walked by and noticed that I was working with the vending machine and asked what went wrong. After I explained it she put a dollar in my hand and said “here have a treat on me.” I tried to explain that I was ok, but she insisted that “keep my energy up to help people” so I didn’t argue. I got a second treat. I went back to my desk thinking things were going pretty well. Without asking, two people gave me a treat out of kindness. Well it was only a few seconds after thinking that and someone knocked on my door and had food! Apparently she had seen me struggle with the vending machine and gave me a choice of items and gave me permission to take food from her shelf anytime. I tried to explain that I was ok, but she had her hands outstretched and so I picked what she had.

Isn’t it incredible to know that often people are ready to help and be generous when they see those in need? It made me feel very good and appreciated. I don’t look or ask for things in life, but I often receive unexpected gifts. I think people want to share, they just don’t always feel they are able to help. Often in the smallest ways people show their good nature.

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