65 and doing Triathlons-Meet Sunny

Can you image being 65 and doing a triathlon? I am tired just hearing what Sunny has done. It is an amazing story of what you can do.

We are surrounded by amazing people in our live aren’t we? Did you see that commercial where a woman with artificial legs talks about taking risks and living life? Or many other stories you hear of the things that people accomplish with no arms, legs or other body parts. I am frankly astounded with the courage that these people who have no margin for error show.

What is wonderful about amazing people besides the fact that they are awesome, is that they show us that the limitations we place on ourselves are illusions. I used to be very frustrated with a smart friend who had a menial job for his talents. I would encourage him and point out how smart he was, but he would downplay it and continue living a sheltered life. You can’t make someone see the truth no matter how much you want to. I have learned that people make their own choices in life and that is ok. People will do things that are not in their best interests, and you just have to accept that.

I see in my career in IT people doing things that are not optimal for their computer/life. I ask if they would like to learn a more efficient way. Often they listen and then tell me “Na, I’ll keep doing it the way I have been doing it.” People have a strong and irrational need to be “right” and do things the way they have always done things. It is strange that when presented with more efficient process, they want to be inefficient. I find that baffling.