Should you buy a Microsoft Surface 3?

I had a coworker I worked with once who was so proud of his original Microsoft Surface tablet. He didn’t like the iPad and loved everything from Microsoft. He was quite a fan which was kind of cute and misguided. So he told me about all of the virtues of his original Microsoft Surface. I’m glad it worked for him. The problem is that what works for IT people doesn’t work for everyone, as the market clearly showed for this device.

Is the Microsoft Surface 3 what the average person wants? I don’t think so. The review talks about how its not quite a laptop or a tablet. Microsoft tries often to make devices and they don’t fully try to use them or think how the average person would see the device. People don’t care that it is a full version of windows but what they can do with it. Devices do well when they are clearly better than alternatives. Tablets are perceived as limited devices by people and so when you get a category defying product like a Surface its confusing how to use it. Microsoft keeps trying to be all things to all people. It doesn’t appeal to anyone when you do that.

It seems to me that the best businesses knew their niche and then found ways to increase that niche in time. The original iPad was limited like all technology but it grew in time and expanded its appeal. You first need to present a solid case why this device is better than others. I can not find that evidence in this device. It doesn’t do anything well, and I can imagine very few people who would be interested in it. Too limited for a business/professional user, and too fancy for a casual user. I sometimes wonder who are the users that Microsoft targets? Are they trying to make devices their own people want to use?

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