The price of curiosity

I had a friend give me his Medifast bars, lunch and other snacks. I had never tried it before and I’m a curious kind of guy. I munched down one bar and very small microwavable chicken lunch and it was bland tasting. Almost immediately I had a headache, and it got worse.

I guess the lesson here I should have learned before but my curiosity often makes me wonder. I never buy diet or specialty foods, but I have relationships with people who do buy them. So because of friendships I’ve had, I tried things from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim-fast, Seattle Sutton and lots of other specialty food items. I have to say that for the record, diet/diabetic food is the worst food known to man. I don’t understand how people can eat these things.

I never have eaten a food that wasn’t a normal whole food and felt good afterword. Every processed item I’ve ever had has made me feel terrible. To me, listening to my body has meant reducing as much as possible artificial additives and eating food as close to nature as I can afford. I find that even restaurants have bad quality food, and price has no correlation to how healthy it is or how I feel after I eat it.

It is not always easy finding a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to shop at. Generally it means traveling a bit more out of the way to buy things. However the reward of doing so is feeling great after I eat. It is probably strange to read, but I actually crave vegetables and fruit when I have cut down on sugar. It is interesting that my body will sometimes give me a picture of what it wants to eat. So I try to get that item if it is reasonable. By doing this my weight and energy has remained very good, and I have been very happy.

I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I’m just sharing my experience and that after trying different varieties of something if you can’t find something that makes you happier, its probably best to leave it alone. I will leave alone any non whole food in the future. It is not worth feeling sick.

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