Dog saves Woman who was unconscious in accident

It is amazing how often animals save people isn’t it? This dog didn’t know this woman, yet stopped and worked very hard to save her life. Clearly animals are capable of more than they are given credit for. They may not have a consciousness like us, but they are clearly conscious enough to deserve respect and space.

There is another thing that should be said here. The person in the story got into this problem because of many mistakes she made. She listed them herself. She said she had gotten into an argument, so she was upset when she was driving and not be careful. She said that she was going too fast on a winding road, and she said that she got thrown back into the back of the car which implies she wasn’t wearing her seat belt. What do you think will happen when you don’t treat driving with the respect it deserves?

It is interesting as well that because of her being thrown she didn’t have the ability to call someone for help. I have seen that many cars now have the ability to call for help automatically if they are in an accident. To me, if you are going to do dangerous behaviors impulsively, then at the very least you should prepare by having those kind of automatic passive systems that will kick in an emergency. The trouble is that the level of thought and cost these are, are often out of reach for many people. It would save far more lives if all safety equipment were standard, and not a “luxury” only given to those able to financially afford it. To me, there is no difference between having a safe car and having medical insurance. They both protect you if something should go wrong.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again. A basic car with the most advanced safety should be standard. Then things that are not essential to safety should be optional and allowed to be upgraded over time. Then the cost of a car can be spread out for those who are financially challenged. Car companies should be their own banks for customers, not force them to endure other costs with financing. Imagine the revenue stream for companies when a customer they could easily upgrade the stereo, paint, design or any other non safety aspect of the car. Rather than having untested third-party companies, you have a OEM making the money.

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