Book Review: Clean: The Revolutionary Program to Restore

Clean — Expanded Edition: The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal Itself: Alejandro Junger: 8601401275619: Books. Avoid this book. What a waste of time and effort this was.

His own experience with detoxification was dramatic, so he changed his lifestyle to improve he said. How did he do that? By moving to LA (one of the most dirty cities in the world he said). So already at the start there is a problem with logic.

Too many times the things that are fads are proven wrong with time. Many things in this book are distorted like Dr. Oz promising miracle weight loss cures. The danger when doctors write books is that the goal of an author and a doctor are contradictory. An author just wants to sell as much as possible to be compensated for the effort they put into the book. However it too often feels with books that they did little if any research. Many books including this one, feel like a manifesto of the authors personal opinions, not the result of confusing and contradictory research and cutting edge science.

For example he talks about CoQ10. This was very popular in the past and suggested as one of the natural supplements that would help you be healthy. I took it myself because it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. However time and more studies have shown that it isn’t the cure-all that some people want it to be. So when a medical doctor prescribes advice without interviewing the patient, I get very concerned. It would be helpful if books that gave medical advice you could call an 800 number and discuss it with an expert for free. That way misinformation wouldn’t continue to be pushed out as “facts”. Too much misinformation to make this worth reading.

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