Stories from my Past: You mean the Godzilla right?

I have grown to love sushi and found a nice place that makes is fresh and affordable. One of my favorite rolls is called the Godzilla, but I keep forgetting and calling it a Dragon roll. So I last went to the restaurant and ordered the Dragon roll absent-mindedly after a busy day and the server laughed and said I always do that and reminded me I wanted a Godzilla roll.

It’s ok to forget things when you have nice people who remember what you like.

P.S. I went to lunch today at a place and overheard the cashier who was ringing up the next line over say to my cashier to buy her a walnut banana muffin since they were running low on them. He couldn’t leave since he had just started his shift.

I ate my lunch and then went back and bought the last two walnut banana muffins. The woman who had asked her coworker for them looked at me strangely when I said proudly “I got the last two banana muffins left.” She said “Oh really?” and you could tell her disappointment. After I paid for them, I told her that they were for her. She couldn’t believe it and so I said again “These are for you.” She thanked me profusely and I left. It is a good feeling sharing what you have with others even if its only worth a few dollars.

Update: A few days later I was back in the place where this story took place and the clerk who was given the gift thanked me. I said it was a good feeling to give. She said that nothing like that had ever happened to her and that it was delicious. I smiled and was glad that she was happy.

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