Life Has It Share Of Beautiful Moments

Life Has It Share Of Beautiful Moments

Wonderful beautiful moments of people connecting with others. You can play Hexiom Connect that is fun. What I like about this photo is that children naturally reach out to connect with others. Most children want to know the other children around them.

Have Life Has It Share Of Beautiful Moments (28 Pics) - StumbleUponyou listened to Aziz Ansari comedy album called Buried Alive? It is clever and funny. If you enjoyed him onParks & Recreation they you might enjoy the album. It does have some adult language but he approaches things in a creative and fresh way. It is probably more relatable to people under 40 although he can be romantic and insightful as well.

One of the other reasons that I liked this photo is that children don’t care about race or gender. I bet that baby didn’t consider the gender, race when she put her hand out. She was probably just stressed since her parent was stressed and looked at this baby as a sister. It is amazing how children pick up on the emotions of their parents. There are studies that show that emotions are contagious.  What else is interesting is how the parents don’t notice what their children are doing. This is so typical of parents. I know growing up parents had no idea what their children were doing. Many of my classmates were doing very self-destructive things, yet their parents intentionally didn’t know. It was amazing to me how this happens. However that is another story.

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