Gorgeous photos from 2014

30 of the best photographs from 2014 - StumbleUpon

Gorgeous photos from 2014

Wow there are some gorgeous photos on this link. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use.

I had someone ask me today in an email if she could use a photo from this website. I have never been asked before, and I explained that I use creative commons or free photos whenever possible. I love photography but I don’t have a camera that I would want to use to take photos with. I had a 35mm when I worked as a reporter in the past, but that technology is long past its time.

Have you ever seen something that you wanted to take a photo of but didn’t have the camera or couldn’t take it? I have driven sometimes and seen something beautiful but of course I can’t risk my life to take a photo. At times I wish that I could just say snap it, and the iPhone takes the photo. Maybe one day our computers will be like a grain of rice and we can attach it to things like jewelry. In the comics they have devices called “motherboxes” which are portable computers which seem to have an artificial intelligence. Since they self levitate, they seem very convenient. Of course that kind of technology is still far off, but one day perhaps it will exist. I wonder how radical our jobs and culture will be by then?

30 of the best photographs from 2014 – StumbleUpon.

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