Touchscreen MacBook hack

Interesting demonstration of what an amateur touchscreen macbook hack looks like. When it is this easy for non professionals to hack Macbook you have to wonder why Apple isn’t all over the touchscreen technology.

Years ago a touchscreen macbook was available by a third-party company for about $3,000. It was way too expensive for the average mac user and the lack of warranty probably meant that few sales happened. I never saw any of them in the general public. So it appears that the laptop is now about $2,500. Still it is bulky and hard to believe that anyone would find that an improvement over a MacBook Air.

What Apple needs is the iPad form with a substantially improved voice user interface. That would be an incredible improvement over the keyboard. I think that in 5 years the keyboard is going to be looked at the same way we might look at black and white screens today. It will be a reminder of the limitations of the interface of computers.

No doubt someone is working on this. With Googles recent announcement of improve voice translation, and Skypes instant translation, pressure is on for Apple to “catch up”. Apple still continues to have weakness in cloud services, iPad demand, and mac desktop/laptop demand. Apple would be a far poorer and risky company without the iPhone. Just like Google relying on Adsense demand for the majority of its revenue, Apple relying on the iPhone is a risky strategy.

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