Health problems cause home loss

Can Health problems cause home loss?

Many people who have health problems find that they also experience job loss, and even loss of their home. Hopefully affordable health care will help people keep their jobs, homes and being a productive member of society.

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It is sad that for many people they live with a lack of emergency savings. Any minor emergency like a car problem, or job loss can easily spiral into home loss. Many people who can afford a home often end up losing their good paying job and have to take a less well paying job which can really make things tight. In the last decade there has been a lack of rising wages, with unemployment only recently being reduced. Some economists think that the lower unemployment is due to people giving up looking for a job, and not real job growth.

What is interesting is that on job boards like LinkedIn and others, recruiters have bemoaned the lack of available candidates. It is interesting that these same companies who have money to invest in labor choose to restructure people at the slightest hint of problems. One of the downfalls of capitalism is that the short term fear of lack of demand, itself causes a lack of demand. For example, in the 80/90’s in Japan the general public saved their money and didn’t spend it. This caused a lack of demand, which caused a lack of growth, which caused people to save their money. Certainly there has to be a good balance between spending and saving but that is so difficult to find.

Health problems can lead to loss of home – StumbleUpon.